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10-11 SEPTEMBER 2022,

Gothenburg Fringe Festival

Tunnel Vision

is an intimate site specific dance performance inside a walking tunnel at a secret location, for eight people at a time. The performance is 20 minutes long.


Four dancers enters from behind the audience, they pass by, come up close, turn around, the wind of someone running towards another direction. Who are these people? What are they running away from, the past or the present? This is an immersive music and movement experience where the world outside hardly exists. The shared experience is here and now. We don't know about later.


Tunnel vision is the loss of peripheral sight, which sometimes occurs due to extreme changes of a psychological crisis or a trauma. The brain can only focus on what is exactly in front of you. Tunnel vision is created in response to the extreme uncertainty in Europe as it is right now, when people have to break up from their lives. It is also referring to the personal break up when a relationship is at a breaking point.

Choreography and idea: Linda Wardal

Musician: Cha Blasko.

Dancers: to be announced.

With support from Göteborg stad


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