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ORCA, photo by Jasmine Attié-mindre.JPG


Graduation performance, MA in Choreography 26-27 April at MDT, Stockholm.
Part of graduation festival MAKOR MIXA XXL DELUXE - THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING ELSE at MDT. Together with performance works by: 
Ekin Tunceli, Gergo D. Farkas, Hannah Krebs, Ira Wuolle, Linda Wardal, Matilda Bilberg, Vilma Mankonen, Zák Valenta

Things come, things go
some moments pass and some movements stay
all I can say, it will come my way
from the insight of being lost
this is what I found
there is something about a giant orca
and a dinner table
we used to have slippers
there used to be walls
what if my body was completely new to me
and I’m just trying out this vessel
I roleplay the idea of what a human can be



Linda Wardal


Darya Efrat, Maja Grimsted, Mariê Mazer, Yari Stilo, Johan Blomberg, Zák Valenta, Andréa Ravache.


Eric Bäckman


Music collaboration



Jasmine Attié

Light, sound and technical assistance

Mali Dönmez, Olle Axén


Tove Sahlin

Special thanks to

Jennifer Lacey, Marie Fahlin

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