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A Study of Choices. A Choreographic Manuscript.jpeg

A Study of Choices.
A Choreographic Manuscript (2021-ongoing)

Performance by Linda Wardal & Gustav Lejelind.

Premiered April 2021 at 3:e Våningen.

A Study of Choices is a choreographic Manuscript

made for three dancers. It consists of instructions

heard for the first time when the dancers enter the

stage. The audience and the dancers hear the

instructions at the same time. The performance is

created in the moment by the way the dancers interpret

the instructions. This is a study of choices, and what happens in the translation.

Choreographic Manuscript and idea: Linda Wardal
Choreographic Manuscript and music: Gustav Lejelind

Photograph: Linda Wardal


3:e Våningen, Göteborg,22-25 april 2021 

STOFF, Stockholm Fringe Festival 17 september 2021.

Kolgruvan, Ringön, 6th of March , 2022.

Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavik Fringe Festival 30th of June, 2nd of July 2022

Norrköping 17th of September 2022

Istanbul 2023 (dates to be confirmed)


With support from:

Göteborgs Stad

3:e Våningen

Danscentrum Väst

Letterstedtska föreningen

Svensk-isländska samarbetsfonden.

the lamp, promo picture.jpeg

Thoughts on Being a Lamp (2022)

Solo by Linda Wardal

Music by Gustav Lejelind.

Performed at Februaridans, 3e Våningen, Göteborg and Stepfestivalen, Frölunda Kuturhus, 2022

What is a lamp and what does it do?

A Lamp is holding a monologue about what it is to be a lamp and how one knows if they are one. How does a lamp move and what does it do in its spare time?

Performed :

Februaridans , 3e Våningen, February 2022

Stepfestivalen, Frölunda Kulturhus , 3rd of March 2022.


Echoes and Strings (upcoming -2024)

Choreography: Linda Wardal

Dance: Nanna Boholt Breitenstein Larsen & Linda Wardal

Music: Emiliano Sacripanti

This performance will premiere at Atalante 2023. The production received a residency at Atalante april 2022.

BurnBabyBurn bild.jpg

A production by Slip of The Lip & Linda Wardal.

Premiered at Atalante 11-12/10- 2019.


With support from Göteborgs stad.


En Omsorgsfull Dans (2014- pågående)
- en dansföreställning för äldre, framförd 95 gånger i Oslo, Göteborg, Vadstena, Skövde, Lörenskog och Drammen.

Sponsrad av Kulturrådet och Den Norske Spasserstokken.

A caring dance - a dance performance for an elderly audience, specially towards elderly people,s homes/ nursing homes.  Touring 2015-2023 in Norway and Sweden.



Following through Landscapes (2017)
Performance by Linda Wardal & Jasmine Attié,

Costume by Miriam Hemström

Performance in Slottskogen, in relation to light installation by Bruce Munro.

Belysa / Illuminate (2017)
Dance and idea: Linda Wardal & Jasmine Attié.


Opening of exhibition "LIGHT" by the artist Bruce Munro at Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg

Sida vid sida /Side by side (2016)

Performed at :

Stora Teatern, Göteborg,

Kulturkalset Göteborg

Malmöfestivalen, Malmö.

GAMES (2013-2015)
Choreography by José Zanlia and Linda Wardal.

Premie at CCFM,Centro Cultural Franco Mocambicano, Maputo, Mocambique  25.07.2013.

Performed two years later  in Gothenburg, Sweden at Frölunda Kulturhus 2015.

Supported by: Göteborgs stad, PRONTO,

To sider av samme scene (2014) 
Choreography Linda Wardal. Dancers: Erwin Semler, Jasmine Attié, Eva Svaneblom.

Residency at Dansearena Nord (Now Devvi)  2014. I cooperation with with Mari Bø.

Warrior Women (2013) , Trippeldans.
Choreography: Linda Wardal

dancers: young aspiring dancers from three different youth companies in Norway.

Performed at Baerum Kulturhus, Norway


OPUS III (2013)

A solo piece performed at "Palmarum", Trädgårdsföreningen Göteborg.

Att döpa en ros /To name a rose (2012)
Choreograped for Trädgårdsföreningen i Göteborg 2012.

Dancers: Håkon Vadstein Karlstad, Charlotte Tidholm, Ida Persson, Linda Wardal


dance short film from 2011. Directed by Karl-Hugo Flood and filmed by Jonas Nyström. Music by Xenia Kriisin.

Dancers: Ida Persson, Maja Fahlström, Linus  Sundqvist, Jim Carlsson, Linda Wardal

Minns du det vi sa att vi var?  /Remember what we said we were?  (2008)

A short piece for 9 dancers choreographed by Linda Wardal. Performed in Oslo 2008.

Leaves (2011)

A piece about leafs and different kinds of leavings.

Dance: Linda Wardal, Maja Fahlström, Ida Persson, Linus Sundqvist. Music: Xenia Kriisin. Palmhuset Göteborg 2011.

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