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is an intimate site specific dance performance inside a walking tunnel at a secret location, for eight people at a time. The performance is 20 minutes long.


Four dancers enters from behind the audience, they pass by, come up close, turn around, the wind of someone running towards another direction. Who are these people? What are they running away from, the past or the present? This is an immersive music and movement experience where the world outside hardly exists. The shared experience is here and now. We don't know about later.


Tunnel vision is the loss of peripheral sight, which sometimes occurs due to extreme changes of a psychological crisis or a trauma. The brain can only focus on what is exactly in front of you. Tunnel vision is created in response to the extreme uncertainty in Europe as it is right now, when people have to break up from their lives. It is also referring to the personal break up when a relationship is at a breaking point.

Choreography and idea: Linda Wardal

Musician: Cha Blasko.

Dancers: Ingeborg Zahariassen, Jim  De Block, Jonny Berg, Sara Axelsson

With support from Göteborg stad





A Choreographic Manuscript.
by Wardal/Lejelind


A Study of Choices is a Choreographic Manuscript made for three dancers. It consists of instructions that are heard for the first time when the dancers enter the stage. The audience and the dancers hear the instructions at the same time. The performance is created in the moment by the way the dancers interpret the instructions. This is a study of choices, and what happens in the translation.

The manuscript is incorporated in an electronical sound landscape, created by the audio-multidisciplinary artist Gustav Lejelind. The artistic duo are searching for three new local artists to participate for every new performance venue.

Choreographic Manuscript and idea: Linda Wardal
Choreographic Manuscript and music: Gustav Lejelind

Photograph: Linda Wardal

Upcoming Performances:

Norrköping 17th of September 2022.

Istanbul 2023

Bergen 2023

Performances so far:

3:e Våningen, Göteborg,22-25 april 2021 

STOFF, Stockholm Fringe Festival 17 september 2021.

Kolgruvan, Ringön, 6th of March , 2022.

Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavik Fringe Festival 30th of June, 2nd of July 2022


Music/sound and choreography: Gustav Lejelind 

Choreography and idea:  Linda Wardal 


With support from:

Göteborgs Stad

3:e Våningen

Danscentrum Väst

Letterstedtska föreningen

Svensk-isländska samarbetsfonden.


A Choreographic Manuscript.
by Wardal/Lejelind


A Study of Choices är ett koreografiskt manuskript skapat för tre dansare. Det består av instruktioner som hörs för första gången när dansarna går på scenen. Dansarna och publiken hör instruktionerna samtidigt. Vid  varje föreställningskväll medverkar tre nya lokala dansare.  Föreställningen skapas i nuet utifrån dansarnas sätt att tolka  instruktionerna. En studie i valmöjligheter och vad som händer i  översättningen.  


3:e Våningen,22-25 april Göteborg 2021.

Stockholm Fringe Festival 17 september 2021.

Kolgruvan, Ringön, 6 mars, 2022

Reykjavik Fringe Festival, 30 juni, 2 juli 2022

Norrköping 17 september 2022

Istanbul 2023

Musik/ljud och koreografi: Gustav Lejelind 

Koreografi och idé: Linda Wardal 


Med stöd från : 

Göteborgs Stad, projektstöd 

3:e Våningen, samarbete och premiär. 

Danscentrum Väst , produktionsresidens,


Svensk-isländska samarbetsfonden

The lamp.jpeg
the lamp, promo picture.jpeg

Thoughts on Being a Lamp, solo work

What is a lamp and what does it do?

A Lamp is holding a monologue about what it is to be a lamp and how one knows if they are one. How does a lamp move and what does it do in its spare time?

Performed :

Februaridans , 3e Våningen, February 2022

Stepfestivalen, Frölunda Kulturhus , 3rd of March 2022.

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